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Wealtec ELITE 300 PLUS Power Supply

Wealtec ELITE 300 PLUS Power Supply

Wealtec ELITE 300 PLUS Power Supply
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ELITE 300 Plus Electrophoresis Power Supply

The ELITE Electrophoresis power supply systems are PWM (pulse width modulation) controlled using high resolution ADC to achieve high accuracy and efficient electricity consumption. Uses include nucleic acid, SDS-PAGE and blotting applications in molecular biology laboratories.

The ELITE 300 Plus power supply is perfect for submerged horizontal and mini vertical gel electrophoresis applications. The constant Current/ Voltage output control with timer setting is useful for a range of applications. It can connect up to 4 sets apparatus at once. The ELITE 300 Plus offers a higher output range up to 500mA and 90W for the higher current flow requirement applications, especially wet-blotting applications.

Voltage and current are adjustable in minimum 1 volt and 1 mA increments providing high flexibility for various applications. A self-recovering fuse protects the system from accidental power failure and optional IQ/PQ/QQ protocol is available.

For more than a decade, the ELITE Power Supply family has offered unsurpassed quality and is today the premium and trusted choice by life science market professionals.

ELITE 300 Plus Electrophoresis Power Supply - Features

  • Premium, trusted brand

  • Higher output range, up to 500mA and 90W

  • Small footprint, stackable, outer shell manufactured using fire resistance material

  • Up to four simultaneous output sets

  • Membrane key pad for function settings

  • Three digit, seven segment LED read out voltage, current and time

  • Comprehensive error message display to aid trouble shooting

ELITE 300 Plus Electrophoresis Power Supply - Applications

  • Drug discovery research, Biotechnology companies

  • Education, universities, academic and research institutes

  • Analytical chemistry, molecular laboratories

  • Enzyme reaction, immunology

  • Proteomics research, genomics core facilities

  • Food industrial and inspection laboratories

ELITE 300 Plus


Voltage automatic crossover Yes
Current automatic crossover Yes
Output Terminals 4 sets
Current adjust steps 4-500mA in 1 mA
Voltage in 1 volt steps 10-300 V
Output power 90 W max.
Operating Temperature 0-40℃
Timer 0-999 mins
Display 3 digit 7 seg LED
Touch Pad Yes
Alarm Yes
Input Power 120V / 230V, 50-60 Hz
Physical dimensions (mm) 240 x 320 x 73 (W x D x H)
Weight (kg) 2.0
Certification CE
*The spec is subject to change without prior notice.

**ELITE 200/300/600/Mini ELITE power supply comply with EMC 61326 LVD 61010 rule

***Features: No load detection, sudden load change, over voltage protection, automatic recovery after power failure, short circuit, current differential alarm.

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