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IBI Semi-Dry Blotter

IBI Semi-Dry Blotter

IBI Semi-Dry Blotter
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IBI’s Semi-Dry Blotters are electrophoretic devices designed for fast, efficient, and economic transfer of protein, RNA, or DNA
from polyacrylamide or agarose gels to a solid membrane support which is subsequently visualized by staining or other
immunological methods. The IBI units are designed to produce a very uniform system for the transfer of proteins and nucleic acids.
The very low buffer volume and minimal current use produces very little heat, thus preventing band distortion. Transfer can occur
in less than an hour, depending on the molecular weight of the molecules to be transferred. Either single gels or multiple gel stacks
can be transferred with the units.

*Comes complete with cathode plate cover (black),
anode plate base (red), power cords, and
operation manual.


IB44000 IB45000
Working Surface Dimensions 16x16cm 24x30cm
Weight 3.5lbs 9.5lbs
Cathode Electrode Wire 32in. 42in.
Anode Electrode Wire 30in. 42in.
Recommended Max. Cap. 6 Trans-Units 2-3 Trans-Units


Rugged construction for long work life in your lab
Large active transfer area for greater lab productivity
Low buffer use for reduced operation cost
Low heat production results in less band distortion
Multiple gel system reduces lab work time
Fast transfer times increase lab productivity
Standard power supplies can be used to minimize
start-up costs

Current Density Trans-Units Time Limit
0.8mA/cm2 1 to 6 1 to 2 hours
2.5mA/cm2 1 to 6 30-45 minutes
1.0mA/cm2 1 to 6 10-30 minutes

Power conditions and transfer times will vary with DNA/RNA
type and size, thickness of the gel, and size of the electroblot
After the transfer is complete, the filter papers and gels are
removed from the unit and the membrane is ready for posttransfer

The IBI Semi-Dry Blotter consists of a specially designed and
tested cathode plate cover and a graphite anode plate. A transunit
stack is formed by the gel and the membrane being in contact,
and sandwiched between filter papers soaked in buffer. An
electric current is applied perpendicular to the gel and buffer
saturated filter papers. The bands from the charged molecules
of the gels migrate and bind to the membrane, and this is
dependent upon molecular size and charge.
Several stacks of trans-units can be run simultaneously. IBI
model IB44000 allows up to six trans-units to be run at the
same time. IBI model IB45000 is designed for multiple gel
transfers, 2-D transfers and larger gels up to 24x30cm.
The graphite plates serve as the electrodes, which dissipate
potential heat build-up during the electrophoretic transfer. Band
transfer times vary due to gel type, membrane type, and amount
of current applied.

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