Add to cart IBI Vertical Format  Sequencing System 43 x 36cm
IBI Vertical Format  Sequencing System 43 x 36cm

IBI Vertical Format Sequencing System 43 x 36cm

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IBI Vertical Format  Sequencing System 43 x 36cm
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IBI Scientific

IBI Vertical Format  Sequencing System 43 x 36cm

Gel Size: 43cm x 36cm
Buffer volume: 530 ml
Overall height: 48 cm
Unit footprint: 49 x 22 cm

The IBI STS-45i sequencing unit has a complete list of features that has made it a favorite in laboratories worldwide.

Featuring easy turn knobs that are designed for ease of use, and create perfect pressure to prevent leaking of over-tightening. It’s patented slant back design ensures the glass plates remain in place during assembly. The removable lower buffer tank allows the user to dispose of buffer without moving the unit. The STS-45i also features a built in aluminum thermoplate which distributes heat evenly, preventing "frowns" and "smiles" that make sequence data difficult to interpret. The unique white background of the thermoplate makes viewing dye migration easy and its epoxy coating makes it electrically inert for increased user safety.


IB50500 Power Cords, Red and Black
IB80200 Replacement Upper Electrode
IB80300 Replacement Lower Electrode
IB80420 0.2mm Spacer Set
IB80424 0.2mm Comb and Spacer Set
IB80440 0.4mm Spacer Set
IB80444 0.4mm Comb and Spacer Set
IB80450 0.2mm Wedge Spacer Set
IB80520 Replacement JSB-302 Electrode Assembly-Red
IB80540 Replacement JSB-302 Lid w/Power Cords
IB80550 Replacement Jordan Power Cords
IB80600 Replacement Gasket Kit
IB80610 Replacement Spacer Tabs
IB81200 Replacement Thermoplate Kit
IB81203 Replacement Lower Reservoir Lid
IB81204 Replacement Upper Reservoir Lid
IB81206 Replacement Drain Hose, w/Clamp
IB81630 Sequencing Sealing Tape, 1 Roll
8154601 Replacement Locking Knobs, Right Only
8483133 Replacement Locking Knobs, Left Only
8846289 Replacement Locking Knob Upgrade Kit, Right and Left


IB80040 0.2mm x 32 tooth 8.0mm 1.6μl
IB80050 0.2mm x 64 tooth 3.0mm 0.6μl
IB80100 0.4mm x 32 tooth 8.0mm 3.2μl
IB80110 0.4mm x 64 tooth 3.0mm 1.2μl
IB80250 0.2mm x 64 sharkstooth 3.0mm 0.6μl
IB80355 0.2mm x 64&96 sharkstooth 3.0, 2.0mm 0.2, 0.4μl
IB80310 0.4mm x 64 sharkstooth 3.0mm 1.2μl
IB80350 0.2mm x 96 sharkstooth 2.0mm 0.4μl
IB80380 0.4mm x 96 sharkstooth 2.0mm 0.8μl
IB80385 0.4mm x 64&96 sharkstooth 3.0, 2.0mm 1.2, 0.8μl

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