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IBI Vertical Format Mini Dual Gel System 10X10CM

IBI Vertical Format Mini Dual Gel System 10X10CM

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IBI Vertical Format Mini Dual Gel System 10X10CM
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*Comes complete with patented vented lid, buffer
tank, gel capture device w/locking cams, dual gel
casting fixture, three inner notched glass plates,
three outer glass plates, two sets (4) 0.8mm side
spacers, two 0.8mm x 12 tooth combs, buffer dam
(for running one gel), and power cords.


Height Width Length
Unit Dimensions: 18.0cm 17.0cm 17.0cm
Gel Dimensions: 10.0cm 10.0cm


Maximum Sample Capacity: 15 Samples (1 Comb, 15 Samples Ea.)
Buffer Capacity: 850ml Max. - 350ml Min.
Recommended Voltage: 150V

The newly redesigned MaGELin protein system is truly a versatile system designed to accommodate today’s researcher. This system
will allow you to cast your own gels using the 10x10cm glass plates and easy-to-use casting fixture, or if you prefer to use precast gels
the MaGELin protein system accommodates many of those as well. The MaGELin also utilizes a patented vented lid to help reduce
heat buildup during a gel run.

Casting your own gels. . . The IB94000 comes with three sets
of glass plates, two sets of unique side sealing spacers, and a
two place casting fixture for casting your own gels. The two
place casting system (IB94100) has a very small footprint,
10x15cm, utilizing minimal space on your lab’s bench-top. The
gel sandwich is assembled by placing the glass plates into the
matched grooves in the side spacers. Once assembled, the glass
plate sandwiches are placed into the casting fixture base, as the
lid is replaced onto the base, the gel sandwiches are gently
pressed down into the casting fixture gaskets and sealed. The
gel can now be cast through the opening in the lid. Once the gel
has polymerized, the glass plate sandwiches can be removed and
placed into the gel capture device, and then into the buffer tank
and run. The buffer tank holds a minimum of 350ml of buffer,
and a maximum of 850ml for longer runs that may generate
more heat. A stir bar can also be placed into the buffer tank to
circulate the buffer keeping the ionic concentration constant.
The MaGELin is quick and simple to operate!


IB50500 Power Cords, Red and Black
IB92010 Replacement Inner Notched Glass Plates, 5 Pack
IB92020 Replacement Outer Glass Plates, 5 Pack
IB92025 0.8mm Spacer Set, 2 Pack
IB94010 Replacement MaGELin Buffer Tank
IB94020 Replacement MaGELin Gel Capture Device
IB94030 Replacement MaGELin Lid
IB92070 Replacement Casting Fixture Gaskets, 2 Pack
IB92071 Replacement Casting Fixture Knobs, 2 Pack
IB92072 Replacement Tank Connector Kit
IB94074 Replacement Gel Capture Gaskets, 2 Pack
IB94100 MaGELin Casting Fixture, 2 Place
IB94200 MaGELin Casting Fixture, 8 Place
IB95000 MaGELin Western Transfer Module


IB92030 0.8mm x 10 tooth 5.9mm 28.2μl
IB92031 0.8mm x 12 tooth 4.2mm 20.3μl
IB92032 0.8mm x 15 tooth 3.4mm 16.2μl
IB92033 0.8mm, 0 markers, 1 sample 70.0mm 336.0μl

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