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IBI Immunblotter

IBI Immunblotter

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IBI Immunblotter
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IBI Scientific

IBI Immunblotter

The NEW IBI anti-body staining chamber is simple and easy-to-use. It will save your lab valuable time and money by simplifying your
procedures and reducing the amount of anti-body solution required during blotting. The IBI Immunoblotter does not require a shaking
or rocking platform during use. It is easy-to use and easy-to-clean!


Height Width Length

Unit Dimensions: 5.0cm 14.0cm 15.2cm


Inject staining solution directly into chamber with syringe
or small pipette tip Connect large syringe containing rinse to injection port and
simply push solution through exit tube into a beaker or storage container

IB96000 comes complete with: skid proof rubber feet, drain tube,
and operation manual.

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