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MiniGel II Electrophoresis System

MiniGel II Electrophoresis System

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MiniGel II Electrophoresis System
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MiniGel II Electrophoresis System

The compact design of the MiniGel II results in a much smaller footprint than that of traditional gel boxes and power supplies. The 150V power supply connects directly into the gel box, eliminating tangled leads.

Casting gels is quick and easy - place the gel tray in the stand, slide the comb into the slots and pour. Combs are multichannel compatible and gel trays are UV transparent.

The molded gel tank provides leak-proof performance while the vented lid aids in dispersing heat. For safety, a magnetic sensor recognizes the presence or absence of the lid and allows current to flow accordingly.

Operating parameters are set digitally, including amperage and voltage with automatic crossover. A run can be paused at any time and the parameters changed. A micro casting set for four 6 x 6 cm gels is available separately.

  • Gel tank with integrated, direct connect power supply
  • Quick and easy gel casting
  • Simple operation
  • High throughput - up to 114 samples in the large gel



Input Voltage: Universal, 100V-240V, 50/60 Hz

Output Voltage Selections: 10V to 150V, 10 to 400 mA

Timer: 0 to 99 hours or continuous

Overall Dimensions (W x D x H): 24.5 x 17 x 6.2 cm

Gel Capacity: 1 large (12.5 x 12 cm), 2 small (12.5 x 6 cm) or 4 micro (6 x 6 cm)


Gel Trays, Combs & Accessories

A variety of accessories are available to customize your Select BioProducts Horizontal Electrophoresis System


SBE161 Gel tray, large, 12.5 x 12 cm, set of 2 

SBE162 Gel tray, small, 12.5 x 6 cm, set of 2

SBE163 Gel tray, micro, 6 x 6 cm, set of 4

SBE164 Large comb, 13.28 wells, set of 2

SBE165 Small comb, 5/8 wells, set of 2

SBE167 Mini casting stand

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