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MS SafeBlue Electrophoresis System

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MS SafeBlue Electrophoresis System
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Major Science Safe Blue Electrophoresis System

The Major Science SafeBlue Electrophoresis System is recognized as the one and only Electrophoresis System on the market equipped with very powerful specifications to cover the majority of electrophoresis and power supply demands. The SafeBlue Electrophoresis System uses blue light LED to allow for immediate visualization of DNA/RNA bands while running agarose electrophoresis gel. The complete unit comes with three different sizes of gel trays, 15 x 7cm, 15 x 10cm, and 15 x 15cm.The system is RoHS and CE compliant for environmental and safety concerns. The system is also offered in different packages to accommodate varying budgets and requirements.


  • Detachable electrophoresis gel tank and base unit

  • Entire ME15 gel tank can be fitted perfectly on top of viewing platform

  • Compatible with gel trays 15 x 15cm (5.91" x 5.91") or smaller

  • Gel tank or UV tray can directly be placed on the viewing platform for gel observation

  • Optimized for blue-light specific nucleic acid stains, especially SYBR Gold, SYBR Green I/II, SYBR Safe, Midori Green Direct and Novel Juice.

  • Time saving with immediate visualization of DNA/RNA band migration

  • Blue light LEDs do not require UV safety equipment

  • Compatible with MBE-IMG Image System

  • Optional tray holders are available

This product is offered as a complete system for the user to cast, run and view samples during electrophoresis, including:

1 x MBE-150         SafeBlue illuminator

1 x MBE-LID-Y1    SafeBlue amber filter lid, 560 nm

1 x ME15-7-10-15 Electrophoresis Tank

1 x ME15-UV7      (15x 7 cm UV tray)

1 x ME15-UV10    (15 x 10 cm UV tray)

1 x ME15-UV15    (15 x 15 cm UV tray)

2 x ME15-20-1      (20 samples combs, 1 mm thick)

1 x ME15-UVDAM (UV tray dams, 2 pcs)

1 x Loading Guides (set)

1 x Black & Red Power Cords


Cat. No.  MBE-150
 Output Voltage / Inc.  10 – 150V / 1V
 Output Current / Inc.  10 – 300mA / 1mA
 Max. Power  30 W
 Operating Mode  Constant Voltage or Current
 Timer  1 – 999 minutes with alarm, continuous
 Safety Device  No load detection
 Crossover  Yes
 Blue Light Wavelength  470nm
 LED Life  9000 hours
 Operating Temperature  Ambient to 40
 Dimension (W x L x H)  11.53"x 7.87" x 3.15" (293 x 200 x 80mm)
 Weight  Approx. 2.42 lb (1.1 kg)
 Construction Material  Polycarbonate housing and aluminum base plate
 Power Adaptor   Input: 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.4A
 Output: 15VDC, 4.0A, 60W max.
 Cat. No.  MBE-TANK
 Unit Dimension (W x L x H) 10.43" x 6.89" x 3.54" (265 x 175 x 90mm)
 Gel Dimension (W x L)  5.91" x 2.76" (150 x 70mm), 5.91" x 3.94" (150 x 100mm), 5.91" x 5.91" (150 x 150mm)
 Maximum Sample     70 for 150 x 70mm Tray (2 x 35 sample combs)
 140 for 150 x 100mm Tray (4 x 35 sample combs)
 210 for 150 x 150mm Tray (6 x 35 sample combs)
 Buffer Volume   500ml
 Construction   Acrylic (Injection molded construction)
 Durable, leak proof environment for complete safety and long life
 Cassette Type Electrode  Inexpensive, easy to replace
 Electrical Safety   Lid can only be fastened in one way
 Upon lid removal, power is disconnected from buffer chamber
 Rapid Casting Gel   Use casting dams
Cat. No.  MBE-LID-Y1
 Dimension (W x L x H)  6.92" x 10.55" x 1.98" (176 x 268 x 35mm)
 Filter Type  Amber filter (ideal for EtBr, Midori Green Advanced, SYBR Safe/Gold SYBR Green I/II, SafeView, HealthView, Gel Red/Green, and SERVA DNA Stain Clear G dyes)
 Lid Filter Wiper  Used to remove condensation
 Construction Material  Polycarbonate

Ordering Information:

Cat. No.  Product Description
 MBE-150-PLUS  SafeBlue Electrophoresis System, including SafeBlue illuminator, electrophoresis gel tanks,
 amber filter lid, image enhancer film and red/black cable
 Bundle Packages 
 MBE-CP-01  SafeBlue electrophoresis system complete set with 210 Imager system
 MBE-CP-02  SafeBlue electrophoresis system complete set with 220 Imager system


Cat. No.  Product Description
 MBE-TLC  Bundle package of electrophoresis gel tank, amber filter lid, electrophoresis gel tank image  enhancer film, and red/black cable
 MBE-TANK  Electrophoresis gel tank for SafeBlue System (without amber filter lid and red/black cables)
 MBE-TANK-01  SafeBlue electrophoresis gel tank image enhancer film
 MBE-150-CABLE  Red/black cables
 MBE-LID-Y1  Amber filter lid
 MBE-G-Y1  Amber filter viewing glasses
 MBE-150-02  SafeBlue gel cutting tray
 MBE-150-3  SafeBlue illuminator platform protective film
 ME15-BSB  Buffer Saver Blocks for Midi plus-2, package of 2
 ME15-UV15-TH01  ME15-UV15 Tray Holder, 2 cuts, cut size 109.5 x 60.5mm (for MJ-105 trays only)
 ME15-UV15-TH02  ME15-UV15 Tray Holder, 1 cut, cut size 130.5 x 122.5mm
 NAS-01  Midori Green Direct DNA stain, 1ml
 NAS-02  Novel Juice DNA stain, 1ml


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