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Wealtec Bioscience Spectrophotometer

Wealtec Bioscience Spectrophotometer

Wealtec Bioscience Spectrophotometer
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SpectroArt252 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

SpectroArt 252 is the ideal spectrophotometer for everyday bio-laboratory needs.
Equipped with a high throughput Xenon flash light source provides a wide range
scanning wavelength from 200 to 800 nm with a high resolution narrow spectral
bandwidth (3 nm). Compact exterior design with 5.7" large scale touch
screen display makes the SpectroArt 252 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer extremely
user-friendly. Intelligent software coupled with protein/DNA concentration
determination, whole spectrum scanning, single wavelength measurement, makes the SpectroArt 252 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer suitable for many bioscience applications. When fitted with an ultra-micro volume cuvette, e.g.
the Hellma® TrayCell, the SpectroArt 252 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer can be used to measure sample volumes as small as 0.7 µl.


  • High performance UV/Vis spectrophotometer detecting wavelengths from
    200 to 800 nm

  • Suitable for DNA/RNA/Protein concentration measurements and bacterial
    growth quantification

  • Scanning function enables analysis of unknown samples

  • Kinetic analysis of enzymatic reactions

  • User-friendly interface with large touch-screen LCD display and easy
    to follow

  • Built-in printer providing timed and dated reports of analysis, curves
    and spectra

  • Tray cell available for single drop detection

  • Nucleic acid quantification and purity determination

  • Protein Function offering commonly used assays to construct standard
    curves and compute protein concentration

  • "OD600" measurement for bacteria/cell density

  • Scanning function allowing analysis of unknown samples for absorbance
    peaks within the wavelength range

  • Customisable wavelength detection

  • Flexible system setup and calibration settings


  • DNA/RNA- Measure double stranded or single stranded DNA/RNA
    concentrations and purity at 260, 280 and 320 nm

  • Protein - Use the Bradford assay (595 nm), Lowry (750 nm),
    BCA (562 nm), UV-protein (260, 280 and 320 nm) or a customised
    wavelength of your choice to create standard curves and establish
    protein concentrations

  • OD600 - Quantification of bacterial growth

  • Kinetic - Follow enzymatic reactions within chosen intervals

  • Wavelength - Analyse solute of interest at specific wavelengths

  • Scan - Analyse unknown samples at wavelength from 200 to 800 nm.
    Measure absorbed or transmitted light

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