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IBI 3 Channel Flow Cell Only

IBI 3 Channel Flow Cell Only

IBI 3 Channel Flow Cell Only
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  • Includes 3-channel cell w/#1 Glass cover slip
  • System comes sterilized (gamma irradiated)

Made in the USA

The IBI 3-channel Flow Cell only (formerly Stovall 3-channel Flow Cell) is designed as a one-time use, affordable, sterile 3-channel flow cell apparatus for the creation of biofilms. This device allows for real-time, direct, non-destructive, on-line examination of biofilms with either a traditional transmission light microscope or a scanning confocal laser microscope which will produce a 3-D image of the biofilm.

The 3-channel flow cell only is gamma irradiated and comes in sealed packaging. This cell contains a #1 Glass cover slip and is intended for use with an existing re-usable flow cell system that only requires the 3-channel cell. The underside of the #1 Glass cover slip is where the biofilm will attach and grow. When the experiment is complete, the cover slip is cut using a hand-held glass cutter (ACCFL0014) and removed along with the biofilm.

• The 3 separate channels allow for the simultaneous growth of 3 individual biofilms in the same cell.
• 3-channel cell only – No tubing included
• Cell comes sterilized (gamma irradiated) and ready for use. 


3-Channel Flow cell ONLY includes:

One, 3-channel cell w/#1 Glass Cover Slip.
Gamma Irradiated in sealed packaging.

Typical flow rates thru 3-channel cell: 3ml – 5ml per/hour for each channel.
Sold for use in an existing flow cell system.
For one-time use only.

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