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AE Lab Rotary Mixer
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Rotatory Mixer


Rotatory mixers are designed to mix samples by rotating a sample platform 360 degree through a single axis. With different platform designs, the mixers generate two types of mixing actions:

1.) The up and down action: where samples are placed along the radius direction of the sample tray, i.e. Parallel to the platform, the mixers perform up and down mixing action;

2.) The rotating action: when the samples are placed against the radius of the sample tray, i.e. perpendicular to the platform, the mixer performs a rotating motion. To prevent the fall off of the samples during rotation, the head of the rotator can be adjusted to various angles.

The ARM-801 and ARM-802 can be used with some biological samples which need gentle mixing to avoid disruption of the cells, such as blood samples etc.

The mixers can be operated in an temperature range of 4 – 60 degrees C. There are two models available both are microprocessor controlled. The ARM-802 features a digital timer with up to 9 hours setting and speed control with 1rpm increments. The ARM-801 model features a 2 hour timer with 10 minute increments and a 10 step speed control without digital display.

The ARM-801 model has a stall or overload feature.  The unit will stop then beep and display an error message.

Technical Specifications:




Speed range (rpm)

2 - 40

Timer (min)



Operation Mode

Digital without LED Display


Operation temp. range (°C )

4 - 60

Dimensions, mm (w x L x h)

200 x 270 x 230

Net weight (KG)


Power supply

230V, 50Hz, 50W

Accessories Information:

Part Number



Micro-tube holder, suits 10-11.5 diameter tubes $150.00 Each


Test tube holder, suits 9-20 diameter tubes
$150.00 Each


50ml centrifuge tube holder, 25-35mm diameter
$150.00 Each


Test tube holder, 12mm, hole depth 80mm
$150.00 Each


Test tube holder, 16mm, hole depth 80mm
$150.00 Each


Test tube holder, 26mm, hole depth 80mm
$150.00 Each

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