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Aosheng Mini Electrophoresis System

Aosheng Mini Electrophoresis System

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Aosheng Mini Electrophoresis System
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Mini-ES Mini Electrophoresis System is specifically designed for DNA and RNA electrophoresis. Voltages 35V or 50V or 100V, compact, lightweight and easy to operate are its features.

A magnetic sensor allows current to flow to the electrodes only when the lid is in place. If the lid is removed while the system is operating, current is immediately shut down. It's ideal for many applications, including Northern and Southern blotting, Cosmid library restriction analysis, Microsatellite analysis PCR fragment analysis, DNA fingerprinting and HIgh-throughput analysis.


1. Input Power: AC100~120V 50~60Hz

                     OR AC220~240V with transformer 50~60Hz

2. Output Power: DC35V / DC50V / DC100V

3. Bath Dimensions (W x D x H):110x121x43mm
4. Volume of Bath: 230ml
5. Construction of Bath: PC+ABS

6. Max.Power: 40W

7. Timer: 0~99min

8. Overall Dimensions (W x D x H): 190x130x60mm


1. Tooth wide (width x thickness x no.): 3mm x 1mm x 22  

                                                                       5.6mm x 1mm x 12 

                                                                       3mm x 1mm x 18
                                                                       5.6mm x 1mm x 10

2. Gel Dimension (WxD):126x126mm -- 1pcs

3. Gel Migration Board  (WxD):110x60mm -- 2pcs

                                                          54 x 60mm -- 4pcs 
4. Transformer: AC220V (Input) / AC110V (Output) -- for AC220~240V's state



Mini-ES2 AC200~240V Accessories                        

Code                  Description:

AS-14020-00       Mini-ES2 AC220~240V 50~60Hz


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