Add to cart IBI Convertible Flow Cell w/Plastic Cover Slip
IBI Convertible Flow Cell w/Plastic Cover Slip

IBI Convertible Flow Cell w/Plastic Cover Slip

IBI Convertible Flow Cell w/Plastic Cover Slip
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  • Single chamber cell measuring 7.7cm3  
  • Detachable – re-attachable top.
  • Tops available in glass or plastic cover slip
  • Full assembly includes all necessary tubing.

        IBI convertible flow cells offer more versatility for biofilm research. The single chamber, measuring 7.7cm3 (24mm x 40mm x 8mm), has a detachable, re-attachable top, which allows the researcher to insert test samples directly into the flow chamber, such as polymers, metals or other materials/appliances. These test samples can then be exposed to cultures of interest by injecting through the septum located on the top of the cell frame. The convertible flow cell has two options for detachable tops, a glass cover slip top or a TCT coated APET plastic cover slip top. The APET cover slip top does provide better surface attachment for certain types of biofilms.

        The detachable tops also allow the researcher to coat the glass or plastic cover slip top with a variety of materials: such as seeded cells, proteins, polymer films, and/or ECM for experiments testing the response of biofilms or cells to different materials. As with other IBI flow cells, the convertible flow cell allows the user to monitor the biofilm in real time via standard or confocal laser microscopy. Complete convertible flow cell assemblies and single cells are available, and come gamma irradiated. The devices are single use only and cannot be autoclaved for re-use.

        Made in the USA 


        Chamber Dimensions: 7.7cm3 
        Overall length (includes tubing): 91 inches
        Cover slip: Tissue Culture Treated APET plastic cover slip.
        Comes complete with: Convertible flow cell w/APET Plastic cover slip, influent and effluent manifolds, peristaltic pump tubing, clear influent and effluent tubing, luer lock effluent interrupt, I.D. flags pre-attached in 2 places, two pinch clamps and inoculation tape.
        System comes Gamma Irradiated in sealed packaging.

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