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Automatic Pipettor Syringe Pump

Automatic Pipettor Syringe Pump

Automatic Pipettor Syringe Pump
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Automatic Pipettor Syringe Pump D25


The Zonwon D25 Auto pipettor system is an automatic syringe pump that can transfer precise volumes of liquid which in turn can eliminate manual pipetting errors. It prevents the user potentially coming into contact with dangerous liquids in the transfer stage of the pre treatment of solutions eg strong sulphuric acid, strong bases, alcoholic solutions, potassium hydroxide, ethylene glycol etc. The syringe pump system can move, pump and pipette liquid continuously from 1mL to 25ml (100ml DP25). Suitable for high accuracy and big flow rate liquid transferring.

Technical Parameters:

Model D25 DP25
Accuracy 0.1%(Full scale)
Liquid moving range 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml  1~100ml
Max working speed 50ml/min
Working Mode    AUTOMATIC
Setting Mode       Switch and one keypad
Display   Large touch colour screen with keypad control 800x480 (pixels)
25ml Cylinder Germany manufactured
Unit material 3 sides # 304 metal plate, 1 side ABS with PVC clear panel
Valve & Plunger material PTFE ( Acid, Alkali and organic solvent resistant)
Power Provided Power Adapter: 24V_2A(100-240V, 50-60Hz)
Operating Condition Temperature  15 °C - 25 °C; Relative humidity < 80 %
(Standard lab environment to ensure test accuracy)
Product size 260×290×165 mm 260×290×165 mm
Net weight 7.5 kgs 7.5 kgs
Application sulphuric acid, strong base, alcoholic solution, potassium hydroxide, ethylene glycol etc. 
Other function Calibration range is ± 0.025 ml
Software One button operation software English version
warranty 12 months


1. Standard 0.6 meter plastic hose for liquid outlet (customised lengths available upon request)
2. Standard 1.0 meter plastic hose for  liquid inlet (customised lengths available upon request)
3. Cylinder(sample injector)
4. Touch screen with control
5. Foot control peddle  
6. Adapter port
7. RS232C port: Connect with weighing balance for liquid distribution     
8. Power port
Functions and Features:

1. Easy to operate with LCD screen display and keypad. With one touch control the device will automatically complete liquid transfer at desired volumes.
2. Can dispense random & quantitative volumes from 1ml to 25ml.
3. Senses automatic or manual liquid dispensing.
4. No more contact exposure to dangerous and volatile solvents any more. 
5. Automatic cleaning function.
6. Calibration Function.
7. External Control Function, Input/output control.
8. Computer link with RS232 communication interface.
9. Sensing alarm for shortfall in volume.
10. High precision instrument. Widely used in the chemical industry, medical, biological and other fields


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