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Miulab Shaker Incubator Large Capacity

Miulab Shaker Incubator Large Capacity

Miulab Shaker Incubator Large Capacity
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Product Description:

Muilab has introduced their new innovative shaking incubator. This ultimate bench-top shaking incubator provides stability and durability for all your fermentation and incubation needs.
The system incorporates multi-safety features to put your mind at ease


1. Integrated incubator and shaker. 
2. Compact design with good temperature uniformity and low noise. 
3. Micro-processor controlled temperature and shaking speed. Timing function built in. 
4. Ergonomically designed interface and operation panel with wide angle opening cover
5. Built-in cover switch. When the cover is open, air circulation, heating and shaking will automatically stop. No temperature overshoot problem. 
6. Unique speed control ensures smooth shaker starting to avoid liquid spilling. 
7. Fully adjustable circulation fan speed avoids high-speed sample volatility. 
8. Independent temperature alarm system. Heating function stops when unit temperature exceeds nominal value. 
9. Completion and mode alarms. 
10. Brushless DC motor, long life and maintenance free.


               Type       ES-60                   Incubator           Shaker      ES-60+
     Incubator                    Shaker
    ES-60E Micro-       Plate Incubator         Shaker
Temperature ControlRange                                        R.T.+5 ~60℃
Temperature Display Accuracy                                               0.1℃
Temperature Control Accuracy@37°C                                           ≤±0.3℃
Timing Range                                          0 ~99h59min
Shaking Speed                                           50 ~300 rpm 300 ~1200 rpm
Orbit                                      20mm (horizontal) 2mm (horizontal)
Power Supply       AC 220V 
          AC 220V  
        AC 220V   
Dimension 420x360x320mm 660x610x440mm 420x360x320mm
Optional Platform Refer to “Platform Option” Standard pallet PW-420(410x420x65mm) Standard pallet PW-1500

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