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IBI Terrific broth 2kg

IBI Terrific broth 2kg

IBI Terrific broth 2kg
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  • Contains casein digest peptone, yeast extract, Potassium phosphate – monobasic, Potassium phosphate – dibasic
  • For use in cultivating recombinant strains of E.coli

IBI’s Terrific Broth is used with Glycerol in cultivating recombinant strains of E. coli. Terrific broth is a highly enriched medium for improving yield in plasmid bearing E. coli. Recombinant strains have an extended growth phase in the medium. The addition of tryptone and yeast extract in the medium will allow higher plasmid yield per volume. Glycerol is used as a carbohydrate source in this formulation. Unlike glucose, glycerol is not fermented to acetic acid.

IBI's Terrific Broth is composed of 12.0gm Casein Digest Protein, 24.0gm Yeast Extract, 2.3gm Potassium Phosphate (Monobasic), and Potassium Phosphate (Dibasic) with a pH (@25°C) of 7.8 ± 0.2. To prepare Terrific Broth, mix 50.8gm of the medium in 1L purified water until evenly dispersed. Add 4ml of glycerol to the mixture and stir. Heat with repeated stirring to dissolve completely. Distribute and autoclave at 121.0°C for 15 minutes.

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