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Metallic Beads for heating blocks

Metallic Beads for heating blocks

Metallic Beads for heating blocks
For use in water baths!
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Major Science offers you metallic thermal beads as an alternative to the dry bath aluminum blocks. The beads are dry metallic thermal alloy designed to replace water in a water bath and ice in an ice bucket. Not only do our metallic thermal beads provide you far less conduction to contamination than a water bath when using in a dry bath incubator, the beads are also recyclable which brings you convenience to eliminate the routine use of harmful germicides and are more energy efficient than water. The metallic thermal beads also help to eliminate maintenance tasks such as emptying, cleaning, monitoring, and refilling the water bath to give you a more hassle-free environment in the lab. We specifically package the beads in a standard package for your ease of ordering.


  • Fully compatible with MS dry bath incubators
  • Keeps your equipment dry and protected from water-borne microbial contaminants
  • Broad temperature range from -80°C to 350°C
  • 50% more energy efficient than water bath
  • High efficiency to warm, thaw, incubate and chill samples at constant temperatures
  • Eliminates the hassle of emptying, cleaning and refilling water baths or changing blocks
  • Accepts and support any size and shape vessel
  • Stays clean and disinfects easily

Ordering Information:

Cat. No  Product Description
 MD-MINI-BD00  Metallic thermal beads for Mini dry bath incubator, for MINI-MD, 170g (Beads only)
 MD-BD00  Metallic thermal beads for Genius and Elite dry bath incubator, for MD-01N and EL-01,  700g (Beads only)
 MC-BD00  Metallic thermal beads for Ultimate dry bath incubator, for MC-01N, 900g (Beads only)

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