Add to cart Microtek Gel Imager for EtBr alternative stains Bio -1000F
Microtek Gel Imager for EtBr alternative stains Bio -1000F

Microtek Gel Imager for EtBr alternative stains Bio -1000F

Microtek Gel Imager for EtBr alternative stains Bio -1000F
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Gel Imager for EtBr Alternative Stains with High Sensitivity Bio-1000F

Bio-1000F is an innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective device that integrates image capture, gel preview, and gel extraction essential for routine nucleic acid gel electrophoresis. With the combination of high-sensitivity CCD system and Blue-LED illuminators, Bio-1000F is compatible with all EtBr-alternative fluorescent stain and provides the publication-quality image up to 0.04 ng per band, significantly enhancing the fluorescent signal expression over other gel documentation systems dependent on UV and Blue-LED light sources. 

Incorporating removable filter plate and intuitive MiBioFluo software interface, users can visualize banding pattern and conduct gel extraction directly on Bio-1000F for more convenient operation without movement between trans-illuminator and gel imager. The compact design especially enables Bio-1000F fit in crowded laboratory space.

Bio-1000F features an integrated, environmental friendly, and ultra-sensitive gel imager for researchers, dedicating to improve the laboratory safety and gel electrophoresis process efficiency.


* Patented Design with Advanced Image-Capture Skills
* Exclusive EtBr-alternative stains for safety, ecology and environment 
* Meets demands for trans-illuminating, imaging and extraction
* Simple Software Brings Effective Results


01 Product Name Bio-1000F
02 Scanner Type Gel Imager
03 Resolution 600 dpi
04 Light Source Blue LED (460-490 nm)
05 Scanning Modes 8-bit/16-bit grayscale
06 Scanning Area 7"(W) x 5"(H)
07 Bit Depth 16-bit grayscale
08 Connectivity USB 2.0
09 Drivers TWAIN
10 Supported File Types TIFF, JPEG
11 OS Support Windows XP/ 7/ 8
12 Dimensions (L x W x H) 12" x 12" x 5"
13 Power Source AC 100V ~ 240 V, 50 ~ 60 Hz
14 System Requirements PC CD-ROM drive (for installing software)
300 MB HDD or above
512 MB RAM or above
Pentium IV PC or higher with USB 2.0 port
Microsoft Windows XP/ 7 / 8
15 Inbox Contents Hi-Speed USB cable(USB 2.0)
Power adaptor
Software CD(s)
User's manual(s)
Filter Plate
16 Software Included Microtek ScanWizard Bio
Microtek MiBio Fluo
PS : Product specifications described herein are subject to change without notice.


Microtek's Gel Scanners, perform advanced application in routine biological laboratories. They are perfectly designed for image capture of dry or wet samples of electrophoresis gels, SDS-PAGE, western blotting etc.

The gel scanner range, represent greater image quality, features including super high optical resolution, minimum O.D., which delivers astonishing, sharpness and detailed image for the light area. With Auto Focus technology, the scanned target if uneven or crease reflective, Microtek’s gel scanner presents close to original quality images. Only Microtek provides the Emulsion Direct Imaging Technology (E.D.I.T.), which efficiently eliminates problems such as Newton rings and surface imperfections. The Microtek’s gel scanner is the best choice to digitize gel images and offer a total solution for biological professionals and researchers.

Thanks to the design of gel scanner, the glass holder can be removed anytime. The glass holders can be cleaned and washed easily. Scientists can capture images directly from the gel surface either wet or dry. Time savings of up to 2 days can be achieved without waiting for samples to dry.

Patented Design with Advanced Image-Capture Skills

With a patented optical design, sensitive CCD and flexible software, Bio-1000F is capable to capture faint fluorescence, which demonstrates more sensitive and better performance than UV and Blue-LED based gel imaging systems. 

Exclusive EtBr - alternative stains for safety, ecology and environment

Bio-1000F goes perfectly with global EtBr-alternative stain brands. The highest sensitivity of Bio-1000F can reach to 0.04 ng per band.

Meets demands for trans-illuminating, imaging and extraction

Bio-1000F provides trans-illumination, imaging and gel extraction at one independent platform. Researchers and laboratory staffs can carry out gel-electrophoresis preview, image recording, or gel extraction without transition between trans-illuminator and gel-document system.

Clear Banding Patterns and Convenient Gel-Extraction

The integrated filter plate and LED bar provides more convenience and stronger fluorescent signal.

Comprehensive Protection Ensures Safety

Equipped with blue-LED and filter plate, Bio-1000F provides multi-level protections from direct damages to eyes and skins. Concerning on the highly potential mutagenic combination of UV and EtBr, Bio-1000F especially pairing with EtBr-alternative stains is safer and friendlier to both researchers and environment.

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