Add to cart MS Rocking Shaker with 30 x 30cm platform
MS Rocking Shaker with 30 x 30cm platform

MS Rocking Shaker with 30 x 30cm platform

MS Rocking Shaker with 30 x 30cm platform
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Rocking Shaker

The rocking shaker is a microprocessor controlled instrument for precise rocking control. The operation may be continuous or timed, with the integrated electronic timer ensuring accurate repeatability of time-sensitive incubations. Speed and time setting are straightforward in the LED display. The load weight, up to 15kg is its outstanding feature. An audible signal accompanies automatic switch-off to indicate the completion of a set time period. The interchangeable / stacking platforms, and accessories enable a wide choice of vessels to be used, including bottles, flasks and beakers, dishes, boxes and petri-dishes.


  • Continuous or timed operation with automatic cut-off
  • Variable shaking speed from 5 to 100rpm
  • Interchangeable / stacking platforms, and accessories for a variety of vessels
  • 15kg carry capability
  • 26 x 26cm platform

Cat. No.  MS-NRK
 Motion  Rocking
 Maximum Tilt Angle  12
 Controller  Digital microprocessor controller
 Speed / Inc  5 ~ 100rpm / 1rpm
 Timer  1 ~ 9999mins with alarm, continuous  / 1min
 Carry Capability  15kg
 Motor  DC brushless type
 Operating Temperature  Ambient to 40゚C
 Platform Dimension (W x L)  30 x 30cm
 Plateform Material  Painted iron metal
 Stacking Platform  Yes
 Unit Dimension (W x L x H)  300 x 310 x 130mm
 Construction  Flame retardant PC and painted iron metal bottom plates
 Weight  Approx. 7.0kg
 Rated Voltage  220V selectable

Ordering Information:

MS-NRK-30  MS Rocking Shaker with 30 x 30cm platform and flat non-slip rubber mat
 MS-NRK-30-FH250  MS-NRK-30 with 9 x 250ml flask holder
 MS-NRK-30-FH500  MS-NRK-30 with 5 x 500ml flask holder


MS-SP  Strip springs (pack of 2)
 MS-P3030  Additional 30 x 30cm platform with 4 adjustable 10cm or 20cm pillars and flat non-slip rubber mat
 MS-DIMPLED-30  30 x 30cm dimpled mat
 MS-FLAT-30  Non-slip rubber mat 30 x 30cm
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