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MS Denaturing Gradient Electrophoresis System

MS Denaturing Gradient Electrophoresis System

MS Denaturing Gradient Electrophoresis System
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Denaturing Gradient Electrophoresis

The MV-20-WAVE-DGGE is a complete system for DNA mutation analysis. It is fully equipped with temperature control unit, stirrer, and gradient mixer and casting accessories to perform specific mutation analysis applications. A powerful microprocessor controlled PID temperature control unit enables various mutation detection techniques to be undertaken between ambient temperature and 70°C, while the simple four screw design of the WAVE insert accelerates set up of denaturing PAGE gels. The flexibility provided by the modular design of the MV-20-WAVE-DGGE and its wide range of accessories enables laboratories to switch quickly and easily between different mutation detection techniques, thereby maximizing throughput and screening efficiency. A maximum 96-sample throughput allows detection of as many mutations within a couple hours, alleviating many of the bottlenecks associated with screening for DNA mutations.


  • Maximum 96-sample throughput
  • Large format – 20 x 20cm glass plates
  • Use with 100ml gradient mixer to make two 1mm parallel denaturing gradient gels
  • Compatible with microplates and thermal cycler blocks
  • Ideal for Detection of single base changes and polymorphisms in genomic cloned and amplified DNA fragments


WAVE electrophoresis insert and tank
 Max. Number of  Gels   2 per run
 Plate Dimension (W x H)   20 x 20cm
 Active Gel Dimension (W x H)  16 x 17.5cm
 Spacer Thicknesses  0.75, 1, 1.5 and 2mm
 Max. Sample Capacity  96 samples; 48 per gel
 Standard Combs  2 x 1mm 24-sample
 Available Combs  1, 5, 10, 18MC, 24, 36MC, 48;  as per MV20WAVE and MAXI units
 Max. Buffer Volume  8.5L
 Unit Dimensions (W x D x H)  40.5 x 17 x 44cm
 Weight  8kg
 Temperature Control Unit
 Temperature Control  PID
 Operating Temperature Range  Ambient - 100ºC
 Working Temperature Range (DGGE)  45-70ºC
 Buffer Recirculation Mechanism  Stirring
 Temperature Uniformity / Stability at 37ºC  ±0.05/0.02ºC
 Setting / Display Resolution  0.1ºC
 Safety  Fluid-level float switch; isolated; IEC 1010/CE
 Stored Temperature Values  4
 Heater Power at 230V/110VAC  1.4/1.3kW
 Electrical Power at 230V/100VAC  1.5/1.4kW (50-60Hz)
 Recommended Power Supply
 Voltage  500V
 Current  800mA
 Power  300W
 Gradient Mixer
 Total Volume  100ml
 Volume of Reservoir & Mixing Chambers  50ml
 Internal Diameter of Outlet Port  2mm

Ordering Information:

MV20-WAVE-DGGE  Complete Denaturing Gradient Electrophoresis system, 20 x 20cm
 includes: temperature control unit, cam casting base, glass plates with 1mm bonded spacers,
 2 x 24-sample combs and gradient mixer
 MV20-WAVE-DGGETC  MV20-WAVE-DGGE Temperature Control Unit
 MGM-100  Gradient Mixer, 100ml

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