Add to cart Nickel Electro 22 Litre Unstirred Thermostatic Bath with Drain outlet
Nickel Electro 22 Litre Unstirred Thermostatic Bath with Drain outlet

Nickel Electro 22 Litre Unstirred Thermostatic Bath with Drain outlet

Nickel Electro 22 Litre Unstirred Thermostatic Bath with Drain outlet
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NE1 Unstirred Thermostatic Water Baths

External: 538w x 332d x 290h mm
Internal: 500w x 300d x 150h mm
Water level: Maximum 130mm shelf fitted working depth 115mm
Packed: 62 x 41 x 37cm
Nominal Tank Capacity: 22 Litres
Temperature Range
Ambient +5°C - 100°C will operate at 100°C but not designed for continuous boiling, we recommend NE1B Boiling Baths
Temperature control
analogue dial pointer graduated in 5°C divisions
Heater Power (220-240V)
1500 W
Drain outlet fitted, large 12mm bore for fast emptyingan accessory tap can be added for convenience
120V or 230V and 50-60Hz
Packed Weight
10.5 kg

Product Code
The NE1 series, Thermostatic Clifton analogue baths
are designed for general use and are economically priced
without compromising quality.

Comprising of a high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel tank,
with a bright clean finish housed in a durable paint finished outer case.
Painted surfaces feature anti-bacterial finish with good chemical resistance.
Fitted with side lifting handles for ease of transportation.

Heaters and temperature sensor concealed under the tank providing
a clutter free working area easy to wipe clean. 

Supplied with a removable sturdy low height stainless steel perforated shelf,
providing a taller volume of water, for standing containers and accessory
test tube racks in the bath. 

Drain outlet fitted with large 12mm bore for fast emptying. An accessory tap
can be added for convenience.
Easy to use analogue dial pointer for setting temperature, graduated in 5°C divisions. 

Illuminated on/off switch and heater indication lamp. 

We verify the performance of every bath calibrating its controls and water
temperature at 45°C for consistent temperature control in use.
Thermal cut out fitted in the heater. IP rated clear booted on/off mains switch.
Bath fitted with non-slip rubber feet.
Heat-up Times
82 mins
39 mins
18 mins
Heating/Cooling Information
Above 60°C or below ambient it is recommended that to achieve optimum
performance the bath should be covered with a Lid or layer of polypropylene
spheres - see accessories.

Covering the bath with a lid reduces energy consumption and running costs. 

This range of baths will operate at 100°C however are not designed for continuous
boiling, the NE1B Boiling Bath range is recommended.
Power Consumption (220-240V)
1500 W
Energy Consumption
0.57kWh @ 37°C 
0.47kWh @ 60°C - lid fitted 

The lower the figure, the less energy used. Information supplied for size and
range comparison, guidance only and measured consumption at set point.
Please remember that the energy consumption may vary due to factors such
as its location, ventilation, ambient temperatures and loading.
Warranty Period
3 Years
Features and Benefits
1.Clifton unstirred water baths are designed for immersion of flasks/bottles/racks
in a highly stable temperature environment throughout the water bath. 2. The shelf
in the stainless steel tank provides a stable support for flasks/bottles/racks that can
be removed for cleaning. The shelf is a low height design maximizing the working
height in the bath, either needing less water when compared with traditional water
baths or allowing tall containers or vessels to be immersed to a greater working depth.
With lower water levels comes the benefit reduced heat up times and energy saving. 3.
Three-year warranty and comprehensive customer support. 4. Broad range of
accessories available to suit wide range of applications. 5. Before leaving our factory
each water bath has a unique serial number, electrically tested for safety at final
inspection and a test certificate enclosed in rear of the instruction book. 6. To verify the
performance of the temperature control system every unit undergoes a factory
calibration adjusting control to known traceable values. 7. Painted surfaces feature
“anti-bacterial technology” which inhibits bacterial growth, improving hygiene
requirements as demanded by many clinical and laboratory environments. These hygienic
surfaces are part of a controlled approach to cleaner facilities. The Clifton range features
easy to clean surfaces and finishes that are resistant to routine and efficient disinfection’s.
The efficacy of the finish is maintained over time, as the anti-bacterial agent is integral
within the finishes.

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