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YASN Osmolab Automatic Freezing Point Osmomoter

YASN Osmolab Automatic Freezing Point Osmomoter

YASN Osmolab Automatic Freezing Point Osmomoter
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Osmolab Automatic Freezing Point Osmometer


1/ Automatic freezing point osmometer with sample volume of 25 ul
2/ Sturdy and durable stainless steel thermistor ensures high measurement precision, and is more durable than others units with glass thermistors.
3/ Sample position sensor protects the thermistor from moving down in case of no sample tube. 
4/ For laboratories with high ambient temperature (36°C) the osmometer can be equipped with increased cooling power.
5/ Crystallization induced by vibration. No noise caused by stirrer, quiet operation. The freezing initiation is gently triggered by a short ultrasound pulse, inhibiting splashing of the sample.
6/ No sample carryover, enhanced accuracy and repeatability. The stainless steel thermistor is sturdy and can be easily cleaned by any non-woven tissue.
7/ Separate cooling compartment door. The view window is equipped with a back light to enable checking of the level of cooling liquid at any time.
8/ Stable calibrations
9/ Self diagnosis with status display
10/ Automatic level control of cooling liquid
11/ TFT display
12/ Automatic standby mode to avoid icing up
13/ Low costs for maintenance and service
14/ Easy operation


Measurement range: 0 to 2000 mOsm/kg
Measurement resolution: Internally: < 0.2 mOsm/kg
Display: 1 mOsm ± 1 digit
Repeatability: < ±0.5 % (400~2000mosm) or ±2 (0~400mosm)
Linearity: Dev. < 1 %
Sample volume: 25 µl
Sample throughput: 25 µl: 40/h
Warming up time: 10 min
Protocol: number of measurement, measurement value, measurement status, date, time.
Device status protocol: calibration values, a number of constants
Operation: menu supported operation with two keys:and
Languages: English, German, French
Display: TFT
Interfaces: Parallel: 1 printer port, Mini USB: 1 port
Voltage: 230 VAC
Power supply: 180 VA
Ambient temperature: +5° C to +33° C
Dimensions: 35x36x38 cm (w x d x h, lift up), 
Net weight: 11.5 kg



Thermistor for 25µl device


Calibration standard A, 50 mOsm, 20ml


Calibration standard A, 300 mOsm, 20ml


Calibration standard B, 850 mOsm, 20ml


Calibration standard B, 2000 mOsm, 20ml


Teststandard C, 290 mOsm, 20ml


Cooling fluid, 125 ml


Sample tubes 25 µl, 300


Sample tubes 25 µl,1000


Dot matrix printer


Paper for thermos printer, 5 rolls per pack


PC Software OsmoLAB CX


USB cable

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