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Miulab Automatic Plate Sealer

Miulab Automatic Plate Sealer

Miulab Automatic Plate Sealer
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Product Description:

PS-200 semi-automatic closure plate by heat sealing machine is a variety of special sealing film to prevent a variety of microplate (PCR plates, deep storage plates, microtiter plates and cell culture plates) during a test evaporation, sample loss caused by leakage and spatial cross-contamination seal membrane instruments. It features simple and elegant design, simple, flexible and adjustable closure plate pressure, standard board to deep-well plates all suitable for a wider range of board. Seal plate temperature and time can be set flexibly seal plate, rapid heating, real-time display of temperature seal plate. Suitable for general plastic sealed membrane, sealing film, can puncture sealing film, optical sealing film (quantitative PCR), permanently sealing film.


Product Features :

1. Simple and elegant design, small footprint, easy to operate.
2. LED display with large viewing area, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
3. Adjustable sealing plate temperature 80 ~ 200°C with rapid heating and cooling, (ambient to 170 ° C with 5min)        
4. Sealing plate pressure adjustment can be adjusted for all types of microplates and heat sealing film.
5. Microprocessor temperature control with good accuracy. Compact design ensures sealing plate membrane consistency.
6. Adjustable sealing plate temperature and time from 1°C and 0.1 second
7. Advanced ceramic plate heating technology is used to prevent overheating and seal membrane adhesion.
8. Easy cleaning and maintenance of hot plate and exterior.
9. Automatic standby feature saves energy. Idle time 60 mins - unit reverts to "standby" mode and automatically reduces the temperature to 60°C
10. Idle time 120 mins unit reverts to "deep sleep" mode. Unit turns off the display and power supply. Press any key, and unit will return to work status.
11. If hands or other objects obstruct the access to the door while closing, door will automatically reverse to protect the safety of user and samples.

Technical Parameters :

Product number


Sealing temperature range

80 ~ 200 ° C (step 1.0 ° C)

Temperature accuracy

± 1 ° C

Temperature uniformity

± 1 ° C

Sealing time range

0.5 ~ 10 sec. (in 0.1s increments)

Sealing membrane pressure adjustment range

1-5 grade

Suitable materials microplate

PP (polypropylene) / PS (ethylene polypropylene) / PE (polyethylene)

Applicable board type

A variety of standard microplates : PCR plate (full skirt, half skirt and no skirts), deep storage plate, microtiter plates

 Seal plate height

From 9mm to 48mm , without adjustment

Adapted Closure plate membrane

Foil - Polypropylene
Transparent polyester - polypropylene material
Transparent polymeric materials
A thin layer of transparent polymeric material
Foil layer material

Front panel material


Platform sealing material


Maximum input power


Dimensions (W × D × H)

180 × 350 × 380mm

. Weight ( kg )


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