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Smartpipette Electronic 0.2-10ul

Smartpipette Electronic 0.2-10ul

Smartpipette Electronic 0.2-10ul
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Our first product, Smartpipette, is the newest generation of modern pipette technology that incorporate not only superior self calibration functions, repeatable and reliable measurements, but also patented anti-microbial treatment and special components effective for bacteria prevention and high temperature sterilization.

 Superior accuracy and stability
Intelligent motion control systems are integrated into 1 single chip that enables the super accurate actuator to extend its capability beyond the possibility.
◆ Fabulous pipette concepts
Automatic purge function incorporates manual-commend piston homing, effectively prevents re-aspirate caused by false operation, and minimize retention of liquid sample.
◆ Outstanding ergonomic design
Ergonomic designed body enables comfortable operation; prevents fatigues caused by long term operation.
◆ Evolutional user-friendly interface
Cross link menu design make it so easy to understand and possible to achieve OYSYU (once you see you understand); color, symbolized screen instructions provide incredible visual pleasure.
◆ Easy maintenance mechanism
Tool-less mechanism enable assemble and disassemble process to be done with no extra tool required; ultraviolet sterilization can even be performed without disassemble any part of the pipette.
◆ 5 common modes and 4 special modes enable the full functions demanded in labs.
◆ Manual mode supports functions as multiple aspirates, multiple dispenses, change direction, volume measuring. Speed of piston can be changed instantly.
◆ 6 quick access addresses provide the convenience of daily operation.
◆ Colour LCD screen, customizable back light and back ground colour, user friendly interface offer you operational and visual pleasant.
◆ Speed adjustment level from 1-9 provides more options required by different kind of liquids.
◆ Bottom section is designed to be high temperature(121℃), high pressure(1bar) and erosion resistant. Tool-less mechanism enables easy maintenance.

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