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Gemmy Shaking Water Bath 22L

Gemmy Shaking Water Bath 22L

Gemmy Shaking Water Bath 22L
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Shaking Water Bath with Lid and Tube Rack 22L


- 22L capacity
- Choice of digital or analog setting to meet your requirements.
- Built-in circulating stirrer ensures uniform bath temperatures.
- Heating lamp indicates the heating element is energized or stabilized
- Tube rack and flask platform can be raised and lowered to suit the lengths of different vessel and test tubes. They are detachable and easy for installment.
- An induction motor produces a 20mm circular motion with 0 dB ensures maintenance free.


- Built-in microprocessor-based digital controller simultaneously displays the actual temperature.
- The shaking bath is ideal for applications that require a reciprocating shaking motion with a temperature uniformity of ±0.1ºC.
- Tube rack or flask platform are removable when the shaking motion is not required. 
- Regulates shaking stroke by turning the control knob from 20 – 200 rpm to your desired applications. 
- Functions over temperature alarm and shutoff automatically.
- Audible alarm is activated and shut off power to 2ºC above the set point.
- Indicators of Power、Heating、PV、SV、Alarm etc.
- Function temperature recalibration when the actual temperature cannot match the display temperature.
- Timer is available upon request when the time is critical to the user. 
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