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The IncuCount can automatically count colonies at the touch of a button! It can count spiral, poured plates and Petri Film. The device can be hooked up to nearly any computer by simply plugging in the USB cable. With its compact size and patent pending status, the IncuCount can fit inside most incubators to monitor the growth rate of molds and bacteria by working like a stop motion camera.

Patent Pending!

Product Specifications

Model No.: RS-IC-100
Power requirements: 100 -240 VAC 60 HZ 1.5 amps, grounded cord or 12 VDC
Net weight: 2.25kgs. (shipping weight 2.7kgs.)
Dimensions: 7 inches tall x 6.25 inches diameter
Lights: High intensity LED lights
Camera: High quality 16 megapixel digital camera
Computer interface: USB
Petri dish size capacity: Up to 90 mm in size, including 3M Petri Film
CE/UL Certifications: CE and UL approved: (LED light panel is UL approved, digital camera is CE approved, power supply is UL approved. The rest are low voltage LED's)

System Requirements
Hardware: CD Rom, USB interface
Memory: Min 512mb, 500mhz
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista
Hard drive space: Min 2 GB

Warranty: 2 year, repair or replacement

Product Features
Patent Pending: Revolutionary Science has filed a patent for the colony growth monitoring feature of this device.

Affordability: The IncuCount is one of the least expensive automatic colony counters on the market today.

Growth monitoring: The IncuCount is the only automatic colony counter that can monitor the colonies during their growth phase. Simply insert the entire IncuCount device with the petri dish or film into an Incubator. Petri dishes can be held and monitored upside down or right side up. The IncuCount software will record images of the petri dish or film at whatever time interval you choose.

Software usability: The IncuCount comes with some of the most innovative, yet easy to use software that can be installed on almost any computer with a USB port. This way you can spend more time on your research and not have to maneuver your way through a confusing, awkward computer program!

Interactive Counting software: The IncuCount can count poured plates, spiral plates, swabbed plates and Petri Film. Colors, contrast, colony size and colony sensitivity are all easily adjusted by the user. It can also analyze antibiotic reactions!

Lighting: The IncuCount is fashioned with two sets of evenly distributed lighting. 29 high intensity, life time lasting white LED's provide a perfect even glow of the edge lit light box below. 35 high intensity, lifetime lasting, white LED's illuminate the light refracting high-grade polycarbonate dome above, allowing for the best lighting possible. Light settings are controlled by switches on the back of the IncuCount. The lights are turned on or off via the software.

Camera: High quality 16 megapixel digital camera provides clear, unadulterated images of your colonies.

Size: With a foot print that is only 6.25 inches round and a height of only seven inches tall, the IncuCount does not consume a large amount bench space like other automatic colony counters! It can also fit into nearly any incubator, including even the smallest Revolutionary Science Incufridge!

Safety: The IncuCount unit runs on low voltage (12VDC) and the power supply, camera and light box are UL and CE certified.

Durability: Manufactured in the USA of rugged glass bead blasted, anodized high-grade aluminum and comes with a carrying case.

Made in USA of American and Imported parts.

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