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Wealtec Mini ELITE Power Supply

Wealtec Mini ELITE Power Supply

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Wealtec Mini ELITE Power Supply
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Mini-ELITE Electrophoresis Power Supply

The Mini-ELITE Power Supply system is mainly used for Nucleic acid, SDS-PAGE and blotting applications and is capable of maintaining accurate and stable conditions. Stackable and with a small footprint, the Mini-ELITE Power Supply system has output voltages of 50/80/100/120V. This easy to operate system is compatible with the GES and V-GES electrophoresis systems.

For more than a decade, the ELITE Power Supply family has offered unsurpassed quality and is today the premium and trusted choice by life science market professionals.

Mini-ELITE Electrophoresis Power Supply - Features

  • Premium, trusted brand

  • Small footprint, stackable, outer shell manufactured using fire resistance material

  • Low-cost electrophoresis power supply

Mini-ELITE Electrophoresis Power Supply - Applications

  • Drug discovery research, Biotechnology companies

  • Education, universities, academic and research institutes

  • Analytical chemistry, molecular laboratories

  • Enzyme reaction, immunology

  • Proteomics research, genomics core facilities

  • Food industrial and inspection laboratories



Voltage automatic crossover Yes
Current automatic crossover Yes
Output Terminals 1 sets
Voltage selection 50/80/100/120V
Output power 20 W max.
Operating Temperature 0-40℃
Input Power 90-264V, 50-60Hz
Physical dimensions (mm) 84 x 175 x 52 (W x D x H)
Weight (kg) 0.6
Certification CE
*The spec is subject to change without prior notice.

**ELITE 200/300/600/Mini ELITE power supply comply with EMC 61326 LVD 61010 rule

***Features: No load detection, sudden load change, over voltage protection, automatic recovery after power failure, short circuit, current differential alarm.

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