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Labpro's range of products for microbiology applications includes TUNAIR™ shake flasks for the culturing of aerobic microorganisms such as E.coli, yeast cells, mammalian cells and plant cells. The patented features of the TUNAIR™ flask dramatically increase cell density and growth rates and they are autoclavable and re-usable, including the 0.2 micron filter in the cap. We also offer dry culture media used to nourish the aerobic microorganisms inside the TUNAIR™ flasks. Made strictly of raw materials from N. America and W. Europe, IBI culture media provides lot to lot consistency and high quality at a great price. The study of Biofilms is becoming more prevalent as Researchers work to uncover ways of treating defensive bacteria colonies that are resistant to traditional antibiotic treatments. IBI Flow Cells provide the perfect configuration and environment for the on-line study of Biofilms. Available in 3-channel and convertible models, these products come irradiated and ready for use.
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